F L O S S K I   S T U D I O  creates graphic, landscape & interior design solutions with an emphasis on colour, individuality & sustainability. 

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G A R D E N   D E S I G N 

Garden design with an emphasis on relaxing spaces, painterly vistas, ecological & water-wise principles, colour and careful native plant/edible plant selection.




Render 7

Joining the partay!_πŸ₯_#partaytimes #bir

Drawn up the steps, into the forest..

A2 concept landscape plan - Bonner - Flo

Mum took this sneaky piccie of me perusi

Hello there pretty moth! #moth #insectag

Backyard sunken seating fire area - 311.

I'd just run around & shut all of the wi

Front garden moodboard - Officer - Floss


Red wattlebirds enjoying some tasty tuck

Colour selection

Finito! Last little pebbles sprinkled, p

Render 13

Moodboard - Brighton  - Flosski

On the path to peak fluffiness..

Abundant butterflies in the fan flowers

Front garden site plan -Instagram image.


Watercooler moment

Will miss this lil corner of cascading p


A3 concept plan sculpture - Officer - 20


Nth Adelaide - A3 front perspectives  -

So good to drink in some Vitamin D with

Autumn vibes in the front garden πŸπŸ‚πŸƒοΏ½


I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N   &   

E V E N T   S T Y L I N G

Commercial & residential interiors.

Plans and recommendations, material and finishes selection, colour consultancy, project management, sustainable interior styling, interior murals, upholstery advice and styling.

entry - la locanda - 30 jan 2021

CBD initial moodboard - Flosski Feb 2020

Embracing a lil Aussie hygge in the last

la locanda concept moodboard-flosski-202

It was time to re-upholsterer our second

Harrison kitchen view3

Kitchen living moodboard-Harrison-v2-202

view paast ll light- la locanda - 30 jan


Living room - Watson

Festive blooms in the living room

Living room moodboard-Birkdale-v2

Another wedding flashback_ the marquee a

Master bedroom moodboard-Birkdale-v1-202

Azure accummulation..

Couch time ✌

Hall & bedrooms

Blooming winter! Luckily spirits are hig

Vintage velvet..

Boys rooms - Lilydale

Vintage bathroom imaginings..

Birkdale view to dining v2

View from front door



Kitchen plan bird's eye


Living room concept - Lilydale

Welcome, sweet sunshine

entry3- la locanda - 30 jan 2021

Lovely to see the framed work on the wal

Selecting velvet drapes, flooring & wall

Lilydale interior - Plan and schedule -

Birkdale living room perspective-v2

​G R A P H I C   D E S I G N  &  M U R A L S

Specialising in delivering bespoke graphics across a range of mediums. Design services include business cards, invitations, wedding & event programs, logos & branding. Flosski Studio can also create murals and commissioned paintings.

Tuscan mural for Deb & Andrew 20202


Dimensions Variable Poster-A3

Grabkowski-Globe in hand


Cumulus clouds-Yarra Valley

Painting my logo in oil paint on timber.

Celebrating the Christmas colours of the

Leila Alight


Koi pattern A4




Sweet elements pattern white background

Vistaprint proof (with bleed border)-Inv

Sketch book experiments πŸƒ #pencildrawin


Sidecar designs-5 prelim options-Felicit


Woodland pattern 1

Wrapping up preparations for #rawcanberr

Lovely to see the framed work on the wal

Halloween invitatio

Vistaprint proof (with bleed border)-Inv

One of the highlights of this last month

Sushi pattern2

F A S H I O N   D E S I G N   &


Soft modal scarfs (made from a silky fabric made from European beechwood), cotton pocket squares, bandanas, carry bags and glass dishes featuring mixed-media artworks and photographs by Felicity. Zero-waste initiative in collaboration with VIDA, supporting global literacy programs and sustainable development.


Swirling modal scarfe-FelicityG

Crimson Rosie scarfe

Reflections tote

Spectrawl modal scarfe

Silver horizon

Lighting & ridge - modal wrap


"Felicity has been absolutely amazing with everything that she provided for us, and the level of information she gained from us to ensure she fully understood and optimised the final outcome.
I can not recommend her highly enough, and will definitely recommend her, and will seek to engage her services again in the future with other projects."

Cath L. - Landscape concept design and planting ideas, Officer, Vic.


"Felicity is very talented and has done an outstanding job of our landscape design. We will definitely use her services again."

Rob T.  - Landscape design, Ascot Vale, Vic.


β€œFelicity was absolutely fantastic from the start to the end. She was able to provide us with a lovely detailed and carefully thought out design for our garden. She took into detail our needs, location, and environment. The end product was a great visual outline, with detailed images of different perspectives and views, and was accompanied with very detailed notes. I would highly recommend Felicity who was professional, engaged and friendly.”

Elise & Francisco - North Adelaide front garden and courtyard garden design


'Felicity was great to work with. Would highly recommend for any architectural design project.'

Wesley P. - outdoor landscape & interior design, Diamond Creek, Vic.


"Felicity is wonderfully talented and was a joy to work with."

Ashley D. - Custom artworks and interior design ideas, Docklands, Vic.


"Felicity is lovely and friendly but also professional. She provided a very detailed and beautifully presented scheme which included a plan, plant selections and perspective drawings. Great designer to work with."

Amanda C. - Landscape design plan & 3D perspectives, Richmond, Vic.


'I love how Felicity's special, vibrant designs use inspiration from Australian landscapes and animals to celebrate our unique natural environment and incorporate this into the everyday. Her use of colour, and both figurative and abstract drawing and painting, reflects the impressive range of her talent.

I always feel unique and bright wearing her modal scarf with the 'Reflections' design featuring Australian birds. It adds subtle flair to any outfit! 

Felicity also designed the perfect summer wedding invitation design for us, featuring her beautiful waratah art and a custom logo that perfectly represented us as a couple. Felicity is also an efficient and customer-focused project manager, as she handled the entire invitation design, printing and delivery process to ensure we got exactly what we wanted.'

Alexis  K.-  wedding invitation & fashion scarf


'Fantastic! Professional, knowledgeable and very creative. Will be my first choice always.'

Kathy  -  custom racing sidecar paint wrap design


Felicity is a muti-skilled artist in every respect! Lovely to work with. Very happy with the outcome - thank you!

Lisa S. - caravan design/painting services


'Felicity provided a detailed landscape design - happy with her services & appreciative of her valuable advice...Highly recommend Felicity for similar work.'

Karan G. - garden design, Donvaster, Vic


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