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Whether you are looking for a party invitation, business card, mural or general branding, Flosski Studio will work with you to ascertain your needs and find imaginative solutions.

This is the best time to express your requirements and the overall vibe you are seeking! Clients are invited to collect and collate images of graphic design they like in order to land on a preferred look.   

After the consult an initial design brief and design fee proposal will be created and sent to you.


Upon your acceptance of the design proposal Flosski Studio will work on concept designs and, dependent on your preferences and budget, will provide a couple (or several) concept designs for your perusal. This will include colour options, material choices etc.


At this stage, all details, dimensions, colours and specifications will be resolved. Felicity can liaise closely with you over phone, email and/or in person to clarify and refine your desired design.



Once the design development is complete Flosski Studio will recommend experienced printers or other contractors to provide you with a quotation. Felicity will liaise with the contractors to ensure a quotation is delivered efficiently and effectively. 


Or, if you are looking for a hand-made solution, such as a hand-painted sign, party decorations etc., Flosski Studio will create the work, as appropriate.

This service will most likely include the delivery/set-up of the final product, depending on your requirements. 


From business cards, logos and package design to illustration,

pattern design and custom murals. 

Photography services are also available.

Wrapping up preparations for #rawcanberr
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Sidecar designs-5 prelim options-Felicit
Leila Alight
Sketch book experiments 🍃 #pencildrawin
Koi pattern A4
Vistaprint proof (with bleed border)-Inv
Woodland pattern 1
One of the highlights of this last month
Halloween invitatio
Vistaprint proof (with bleed border)-Inv